GameSir's Nova Lite controller looks like a reskinned Stadia pad

GameSir Nova Lite in white lying on a desk from press image
Credit: GameSir

GameSir Nova Lite in white lying on a desk from press image
Credit: GameSir

GameSir is consistently releasing budget-friendly controllers, which are all surprisingly good. Many feature Hall Effect thumb sticks in order to avoid drift, which some premium controllers don't even use. But the new Nova Lite will look very familiar to Google Stadia's dozen fans.

Priced remarkably low at only £27, and aptly titled the "GameSir Nova Lite Cost-effective Multiplatform Wireless Controller", or Nova Lite for short, the latest pad from the company is up for pre-order, and is currently available in two colours - black and white. And, if it feels as good as the GameSir G8, we're excited to test it out.

While most gamers will see it as a simple budget-minded expense for their needs, Google Stadia fans will, undoubtedly, compare the Nova Lite and the included peripheral for the ill-fated cloud gaming service. And, when looking at them next to each other, the similarities are uncanny.

While the Stadia controller's overall placement is similar to the DualSense, while the Nova Lite features off-angled thumb sticks familiar to those using an Xbox controller, there's more than enough reasons to argue that GameSir used the Stadia controller as a blueprint for the Nova Lite. From the orange rings around the thumb sticks, to the overall sleek and small build.

A Google Stadia controller next to a GameSir Nova Lite
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Credit: Google / GameSir
Stadia controller on the left, Nova Lite on the right

Despite the general consensus of Google Stadia, which meant it shut down early 2023, the Stadia controller was surprisingly great. Fortunately, those who have one gathering dust can find out how to switch on Bluetooth for Stadia controllers, with Google giving users an extra year to switch it on.

Obviously, we will have to wait and see whether the Nova Lite is just as good as the Stadia controller. However, considering you can still buy the Stadia offering for roughly the same price as the GameSir option, except used, a brand new Nova Lite seems enticing.

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