Gamers can’t stop whacking off to Cuphead

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gamers watch cuphead porn cuphead mugman and ms chalice blissfully unaware of the porn people make
Credit: Studio MDHR

Cuphead rightfully earned a glowing reputation for being a gorgeous 2D game with ridiculously hard levels. However, Cuphead is now also “hard” for different reasons, as the 2022 Pornhub wrap-up revealed the indie run-and-gun platformer was one of the most-searched video games on the website.

We wish we were joking but Cuphead porn is a thing on the internet and no, we don’t know why. This is far from the first time that a video game has become popular on “The Hub”, we’re looking at you Overwatch, but it is more surprising than others.

Either this becomes a phase and next year’s Pornhub wrap-up will be more normal than usual or it’ll get worse. What could be even weirder than this? Will we get a year of Tetris videos in its place?

As fans can see, Cuphead made it to the top searches of the Pornhub 2022 wrap-up in terms of video game searches. It’s not yet clear how the character became associated with porn, though there are some bosses in the game that are technically attractive.

the 2022 pornhub wrap up for video game searches
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Credit: Pornhub

Searching through Pornhub – please don’t follow my example – there is porn that features the giant mermaid Cala Maria and Hilda Berg. Porn for Cala Maria makes sense but we’re not sure how fans became horny for Hilda Berg.

Even weirder is porn called, not joking over here, “Cockhead”. It uses a similar art style to the game and stars a protagonist with a phallus for a head. There’s also a disturbing old woman that uses… milk to fight. It’s disgusting.

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Morbidly curious fans might want to check this out but we would advise against that. Just keep playing the fantastic Cuphead video game, which recently got a physical release that has the DLC bundled in. The Netflix animated series is also pretty good, with fun 2D animation of the non-pornographic variety.

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