Game developer proposes with the most adorable Playdate indie game

Love Letter indie game on a yellow Playdate for Aaron Nielsen's proposal
Credit: Aaron Nielsen

Love Letter indie game on a yellow Playdate for Aaron Nielsen's proposal
Credit: Aaron Nielsen


  • A game designer has developed a Playdate indie game as a proposal to his partner, after months of work
  • The adorable game is an arcade-style title called Love Letter, that sees players delivering letters for high scores
  • However, the gameplay is a distraction for the proposal, ending with the question of “will you marry me?”

There's some very inventive ways to propose to the love of your life. Whether you keep it sophisticated with a lovely meal or spend a fortune on a trip to Disney World, there's a variety of ways to declare your love, but Aaron Nielsen's way of proposing may have put us all to shame.

One of the most interesting consoles on the best gaming handhelds list, the Playdate uses a crank as a tool when playing games, despite the Gameboy-like design. It's a retro-inspired gadget that offers plenty of exciting indie titles, with stylised black-and-white graphics.

Aaron Nielsen, a Game Designer for Playside Studios, has shared his recent creation on Twitter over the weekend - a game that declares his love for his partner, and ends with a proposal. Nielsen says the game took months of development, but "her reaction" was worth it.

Before diving into the current version of the game, Nielsen states that the indie title "went through many iterations over the six months". Originally, it was "a series of simple platforming levels", but Nielsen changed to the style we see today after playtesting the platformer game.

The indie game, called Love Letter, is an arcade-style title where players have to deliver letters to the correct letterbox. With each correct letter delivered, players would gain a multiplier for their scores, as well as additional time.

However, it's all a distraction. As the gameplay ends, an opened letter appears on the screen, stating the players' name and asking for their hand in marriage. It's an adorable little creation, one that offers a unique proposal that, honestly, puts many proposals to shame.

Honestly, if we were running the Playdate company, we'd be using this as a great way of marketing the cute little gadget. It's such a sweet story, one that warms our hearts, and it shows how great things can come from small devices. Nevertheless, we wish Aaron and his partner a life full of happiness together.

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