Gabe Newell is the only one who can find the missing Titanic submersible

Lord Gabe Newell, the only one who can find the missing titanic submersible

Lord Gabe Newell, the only one who can find the missing titanic submersible

The missing Titanic submersible has the internet on edge as a number of passengers are currently trapped underwater with little oxygen remaining. While the frantic search is still underway, it’s been discovered that the sole manner submersible that can reach the underwater vehicle is owned by none other than Valve Founder Gabe Newell.

Via We Got This Covered, Newell is the owner of the manned submersible craft DSV Limiting Factor. The ocean-faring vehicle is used by the video game designer’s Inkfish organisation, a company that surveys the ocean depths.

The Gabe Newell submersible is currently the only craft that has been able to survive journeys into the deepest points of every ocean on Earth. In the past, the craft has even visited the Titanic wreck that the missing vehicle was travelling to.

However, at this point, Newell’s submersible would not be able to save the passengers inside the missing vehicle. Opening DSV Limiting Factor at the depths that the missing submersible is likely at would result in huge pressurisation that would destroy the vehicle.

Furthermore, even if it was possible to open the crafts without destroying both, there wouldn’t be enough space to rescue all of the missing people on the Titanic submersible. However, the vehicle could be used to find the missing crew for another vehicle to rescue.

The internet is currently still hyper focused on the missing Titanic submersible. Not only are many wondering how such an expensive craft can simply go missing underwater, but many are also bewildered by a number of the craft’s design decisions, such as lack of trackers, Starlink internet and the fact that it’s controlled by a third-party knock-off Xbox 360 controller

At the time of writing, the passengers inside the missingTitanic craft have only a few hours of oxygen left. The craft’s oxygen is expected to run out at 1PM BST today, Thursday 22nd, 2023. The massive search for the craft and its passengers is still ongoing.

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