Future Star Wars games will reportedly include trans character creation

Rather than promoting awareness for serious causes, awareness months can be a media revenue grab by greedy companies. But boy, do we love to see it when companies take trans rights seriously. Disney and Lucasfilm triumphantly presented the first trans, non-binary characters in Star Wars in March for Trans Visability Month 2021.

The High Republic's Terec and Ceret were introduced to show Lucasfilm is "passionate and committed to widening our representation in a galaxy far, far away". These Jedi don't stand alone. They take centre stage along with other non-binary characters annouced in the last few years. However, soon they may not be the only trans characters in the Star Wars universe.

Representation far far away

Insiders close to We Got This Covered reveal that future Star Wars games will allow players to build trans heroes in their character editors. Honestly, it's exactly as you’d expect for a modern RPG. It'll be great for inclusivity if it happens, especially as the vast majority of contemporaries RPGs stick rigidly to binary genders.

Other games have also lifted gender restrictions over the past few years. Notable exceptions include: the Saints Row series, the Sims 4 and Dream Daddy. While they remain the outliers right now, it's not going to be that way for long. The tide is changing, and we can see a future for everyone in it.

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In Fallen Orders Shoes

Ubisoft's next open-world game is an obvious choice for this feature. The team behind The Division is presently working on a Star Wars role-playing game, which Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot describes as "an original Star Wars journey that is unlike anything else that has been done before."

While Ubisoft has come under fire over allegations of misogyny and sexual harassment this year, adding an option for inclusion provides them a rare opportunity to prove that they have learned from their mistakes. As the winds of change push us to be more inclusive, we hope that Ubisoft will take these lessons to heart.

Additionally, rumours that EA is rebooting Knights of the Old Republic could work wonders for trans inclusion. After all, the series' original creators, Bioware, is often lauded as an inclusive force in gaming.

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