FromSoftware composer of Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Sekiro quits

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fromsoftware composer quits the old hunters Bloodborne DLC character with cane sitting in a chair

From the eerie, gothic streets of Bloodborne to medieval Japan in Sekiro, FromSoftware games have always been known for their amazing soundtracks. But the composer responsible for these gorgeous audio experiences has now announced that they are leaving the company.

Yuka Kitamura has been a composer at FromSoftware since 2013 and has worked on every Souls-like game since Dark Souls 2. Today, she announced via Twitter that she is leaving FromSoftware in August.

"Today I have an announcement to make," she says. "I have decided to leave FromSoftware, the company I worked for, and to start working new as a freelance composer in this August."

This is a blow to the Japanese company, who has relied on her composing skills for the last decade. All of the games she has worked on have been lauded for their audio, so much so that her work has even sparked GDC talks.

We haven't seen the end of Kitamura's involvement in games though, thankfully.

"I would like to continue to express myself in game music through various genres of music," she continues. "I hope you will look forward to my music in the future!"

The composer even has a new personal website where you can follow her future work.

So, while we'll have to wait and see if future FromSoftware games have a banging soundtrack as we've become accustomed, at least Kitamura will still be using her talent in future gaming projects.

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