Friday the 13th Resurrected fan mod no longer coming out thanks to Horror Inc.

friday the 13th resurrected mod dead
Credit: Resurrected/IIIFonic

friday the 13th resurrected mod dead
Credit: Resurrected/IIIFonic


  • Friday the 13th Resurrected mod is no longer coming out
  • Horror Inc. has sent a cease and desist to this fan-made project
  • There is now no way to relive this multiplayer horror game

Friday the 13th: The Game - Resurrected is no longer coming out, as Horror Inc. has issued a cease and desist on the fan remake. While fans knew this project was too good to be true, the fact that it was taken down this quickly is pretty disappointing.

The fans developing this project confirmed on Twitter that they received this takedown, saying that the project is most likely over now due to these actions. Other fan mods have also been affected, meaning that anyone hoping to bring this game back is going to be hit with these DMCAs.

“It's a shame that someone wants to fight against a fan made project with no profit made. It wasn't our intention to "hurt the brand" as Horror Inc claims we did,” the Resurrected Twitter account said. “We want to thank this amazing community. We've met a lot of cool people on the path and have had a lot of fun working on the project. We want to let you know that we did fight for you, and we still do, but for now the project is over.”

As the title implies, Friday the 13th: The Game - Resurrected would have brought back the delisted multiplayer game for everyone to try. Originally, Resurrected was going to get released this month, but Horror Inc. has stopped that from happening. While they do own the property, this is still a low blow since they’re the ones who took the game down.

Even if it wasn’t the most original multiplayer horror game around, many fans did enjoy Friday the 13th before it was delisted. That’s why there was so much hype behind Resurrected, since it was going to be a free project for everyone to play. Horror Inc. is likely working on another game in the series, hence, this take down, but this shows how important video game preservation is.

It seems like there’s no chance for Friday the 13th: The Game - Resurrected to come out. This game is truly lost to time and that is beyond disappointing.

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