French gamers continue retirement age protests in Animal Crossing

An image of Isabelle from Animal Crossing next to a low-poly guillotine to signify French gamers continuing their protests against the Retirement Age changes in France

Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be Nintendo's cute and relaxing game about escaping the rat race and moving to a tropical island, but one French player has decided to take the protests raging across France and turn them digital.

France has recently been shaken by protests aimed at showing people's disgruntlement over the increase of the retirement age to 64, among other political issues, which involve between one and three million protestors depending on who you ask.

Reddit user 'Majhinell' posted on the Animal Crossing France subreddit with an image of them and their friends showing solidarity with the real-world protestors by protesting in the game.

The digital protestors urged others to show unity by gathering in front of Tom Nook's shop. Tom Nook is, of course, is notoriously capitalist and encumbers you with debt as soon as you arrive on the ostensibly escapist island, so there seems to be a clear point to their gathering.

Even though Animal Crossing is the last place you might expect a political protest to take place, it's great that players can customise their game and gather for events like this to express themselves.

And you could even say that some countries could learn a thing or two from these protests... but you didn't hear that from us.

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