Fortnite players are recreating iconic CoD maps, but Activision is deleting them

fortnite players recreating iconic cod maps activision deleting them

Activision is removing fan-made Call of Duty maps from Fortnite Creative 2.0. The move has disappointed many gamers since these maps were clearly made with lots of love and attention. Unfortunately, this is also something many gamers are used to since companies keep taking down fan-made content based on popular IPs.

Twitter user Jake Lucky announced that Activision has contacted creators from the game’s Creative 2.0 initiative to take down their maps. Fan-favorite areas like FPS Rust and Zombies will no longer be playable, much to the disappointment of many.

Like we mentioned earlier, Fortnite fans aren’t exactly shocked to see these actions taken, though that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Players are hoping that the creators find a workaround so they can keep these areas in the game. Whatever happens, these actions from major companies continue to disappoint us.

Sadly, like we mentioned earlier, this isn’t exactly shocking since major video game companies have been taking down fan projects for years. Fan-made remakes of Resident Evil and Metroid have been getting canceled for years. Even projects made in titles like Game Builder Garage and Dreams have been taken down, due to them using existing IPs.

Even with these restrictions, don’t expect fans to stop making their dream projects on Fortnite Creative 2.0. While some of these maps do get removed, the fact that it lets these creators stretch their imagination is good enough for some. Hopefully, we see these creators get their flowers for all of their hard work since it’s disappointing to see these companies do this.

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Fortnite has evolved quite a bit from how it was originally conceived. Originally, the game was going to focus on its Save The World campaign but quickly became known as a battle royale title. Since then, the free-to-play shooter has had numerous crossover characters join and has implemented new gameplay mechanics.

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