Forspoken has a banter slider to make your Cuff sidekick shut up

forspoken has a banter slider frey shooting magic at the camera

forspoken has a banter slider frey shooting magic at the camera

Forspoken has landed to some very unflattering reviews, with the current Metacritic score sitting in the high 60s. But, while some might be unimpressed with what Forspoken has to offer, it does have one redeeming feature that other games need to take note of - making your NPC sidekick shut the heck up.

The main character of Forspoken - Frey - has a sentient bracelet called Cuff (original, right?) that speaks to her throughout the game while she's journeying through Athia. It's not a novel idea for an open-world game and many other games implement this idea, much to the chagrin of gamers worldwide. The incessant chatter in Borderlands or High on Life, for example, is enough to drive you away from the experience altogether.

But, if you're put off by this NPC babbling, then you'll be relieved to know that you can actually turn the frequency with which Cuff talks to you in Forspoken in the options menu.

You can select from three different settings - high, low, and minimal. This means that if you love Cuff and want them to keep yapping, then by all means set it to high, but if you're looking to make the bracelet be quiet, then minimal means it will only talk when essential story beats need to be talked about.

Forspoken is a divisive game that has been criticised for its overly complicated mechanics, and Reddit is full of players who think the dialogue is cringeworthy, so many will no doubt love the fact that you can cut at least some of it down.

Regardless of where you fall on the Forspoken opinion scale, it can't be denied that adding the option to turn down NPC chatter on a wider scale should implemented so we can all decide what suits us, instead of being driven mad by High on Life's incessant talking guns.

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