Ex-Xbox exec says consoles are dead, but PC will live on

former xbox boss pc mobile will outlive console gaming
Credit: Epic Games

former xbox boss pc mobile will outlive console gaming
Credit: Epic Games


  • Peter Moore, former boss of Xbox, claims consoles are dying and newer gamers prefer playing in PC or mobile
  • PC gaming has reached new heights in popularity, thanks to PlayStation ports and the Steam Deck
  • Consoles are still very popular, with fans still curious about the Switch 2

We’re at an interesting point in the industry where video game development is becoming way too expensive and consoles are having longer dry periods. Peter Moore, the former boss of Xbox, thinks that consoles are dead and that gaming will shift to PC and mobile devices.

Moore spoke with IGN recently, where he talked about how a lot of gaming doesn’t happen in living rooms anymore, which is where consoles are played. Instead, Moore says that most of the Gen-Z crowd are playing games in their rooms, usually with their PCs or phones, while YouTube influences play in the background.

"And what are we doing? Well, we're not in the living room anymore," said Moore. "We're back in the bedroom with our YouTube influencers, our TikTok creators, and it's about content on demand … Gen Z is coming through and they're going, 'Why do I need to spend four or 500 bucks on a bespoke piece of gaming hardware when I've got my smartphone, or I got my PC or my Mac, and I can do things there with a pretty decent controller?'"

Fans should take what Moore says with a grain of salt since he is just one man, albeit, one with a point. PC gaming is bigger than it’s ever been, thanks to more ports from PlayStation and the recent release of Valve’s Steam Deck. However, it’s also worth noting that consoles are still very popular, especially since fans are still desperate to learn about the Switch 2.

Consoles still have a place in the current gaming landscape, as PC gaming can be confusing for some. Most people just want to put their CD or cartridge in their gaming console and play in peace, which is why they will never really disappear. However, with rising development costs and games taking longer to make, Moore is right in that publishers may want to reassess things.

PC gaming is huge now, but those new to the cause may want to start with a Steam Deck or ROG Ally. Those who want something simpler can get a PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch from any gaming hobby shop.

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