First Major Update for PS5 allows games on external storage, and more

Sony's latest console has been out for five months, and in that time, owners have been enjoying its games, features and even customising its design.

However, Sony have been listening to feedback for the firmware-side of the console, and have been keenly aware of some requests from users.

Which is why the first major update was announced today, bringing with it a whole heap of features, but mainly, the ability to store your games on storage other than the SSD stored in the console.

With that, here's what the other features will bring, alongside its release date.

What's coming in the update?

The big one is being able to transfer games to an external hard drive via USB. This way, games that you may not be playing for now, but still want to keep them locally stored, can be on an external device instead. They have now published a link that shows the requirements for these.

However, these games cannot be played on the external hard drive. It's a compromise from Sony, but it still helps alleviate the issue of trying to pick and choose which games to store for your console.

They have stated in the post that they are working on storage expansion via their M.2 drives, so a 2TB variant where you can play the games as well as store them, could be possible later this year.

The rest are a coherence between PS4 and PS5 with Share Play, better UI improvements in switching to features and friends from within the game, alongside being able to take screenshots with customisation in how the trophies will be displayed.

When is the update coming out?

As fast as it was announced, Sony have also announced that the 'April Update' is coming tomorrow, the 13th April.

With Sony, this is a stark change from what they did with PS4 updates, where some would be invited to a beta phase, and the features would be announced and then released a few weeks later.

There's still plenty to come on the updates it seems, but anyone hoping for one that includes PS1/PS2 backwards-compatibility will be disappointed.

However, it does show that at least on one planet, Sony are listening to some requests from customers about their new console, and external storage is a great base to start from.

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