First Borderlands cast photo provides early look at Eli Roth's adaptation

Lionsgate provided an early glimpse at the new Borderlands movie adaptation on Friday, showing silhouettes of the cast. The iconic cast of characters look strikingly similar to their video game counterparts, down to props and haircuts.

Rumours of the film’s existence began in the mid-2010s, although it wasn’t until last year when director Eli Roth signed up to the project that development properly began.

With coronavirus restrictions lifting all over the world, it would appear Roth has made considerable progress since last year.  

Jamie-Lee Curtis, who will star in Borderlands, also shared individual silhouette images of each cast member. In each post, Curtis introduces the character and the actor playing them.

Borderlands Characters

Curtis will play Dr. Patricia Tannis in the upcoming Borderlands film. In the games, Tannis is a scientist and archaeologist who plays an integral role in the plot's development. Describing her character in the post, Curtis called Tannis “INSANE (LY) SMART with an emphasis on the first part!”

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Curtis also introduced Borderlands’ other primary characters. Arianna Greenblatt will play Tiny Tina, Kevin Hart will star as Roland, Florian Munteanu will portray Krieg and Jack Black will voice the iconic Claptrap.

Roth’s Borderlands adaptation will happen in an alternate universe to the game, meaning it isn’t technically canon. According to rumours, the movie will loosely follow the plot of the first game, as a group of vault hunters will hunt down a vault containing advanced alien technology. 

Release date 

There’s still no official release date for the Borderlands movie. It would appear the movie is still currently in production, with no official word on when that might end. With that in mind, it could be the end of next year at the earliest before we can expect a release. Realistically, the Borderlands movie will probably release some time in 2023.

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