Firefly fans will treat Starfield as the show's unofficial second season

firefly fans will treat starfield as the unofficial second season

firefly fans will treat starfield as the unofficial second season

Starfield is a minefield for sci-fi fans, with many of them now wanting to make their own Firefly season 2 within the game. Considering how much freedom this Bethesda RPG is expected to give players, we wouldn’t be surprised if fans come really close to recreating their favourite show.

A post on the game’s popular subreddit revealed plenty of fans have plans to roleplay as the iconic Captain Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion. The main post even claims that a proper playthrough as Mal will make them play this game for decades.

“I've decided to try and make a Firefly as well, and I'll name it River Tam after the best character in that show. If I can't even get close.... oh well still naming it that,” said fellow Starfield fan CausticFrosting.

Hilariously, one fan is also bringing up how they will use Starfield to recreate a version of Firefly Online. For those unaware, the MMO adaption of Joss Whedon’s iconic sci-fi series was revealed a many years ago. No updates for the title have been revealed since March 2016.

“I may not play exactly Mal or fly a ship that's exactly like the Serenity, but I know who I'll be taking inspiration from when I roll my first character,” revealed Emotional-Catch-2883. “I can't wait to basically play out my own take on the show in Starfield. I'll finally get some closure from the debacle that was the failed Firefly Online…”

Firefly continues to be one of the most fondly-remembered shows of the past few decades. While it sucks that its creator, Joss Whedon, has been the center of numerous controversies the show was written well and had really memorable characters. Despite only having one season, the show did wrap up its story with the 2005 movie Serenity.

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Starfield will be coming out on Xbox Series and PC on September 6, 2023. Firefly only ever lasted for one season but should be available in a number of digital services.

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