Fire TV Sticks bricked for weeks following latest update

fire tv sticks bricked an amazon remote and tv

fire tv sticks bricked an amazon remote and tv

In a world of smart devices that love to update themselves at the most inconvenient times, we really on their continued performance to live our daily lives smoothly. Unfortunately, Fire TV devices seem to be bricking themselves and causing havoc in living rooms around the world.

The Amazon forums have been inundated with customer complaints pertaining to Fire TV stick issues in recent weeks. The problem? After a recent update, many users are now unable to get past the Fire TV boot screen.

One user has been left hanging on the boot screen for 15 days now, with no fix in sight. “Our technical team is aware of this issue and are working on a resolution," said an Amazon rep in reply. Despite this, the issue still persists.

An individual affected by this issue on two separate devices told PC Mag more.

"So it appears that when they roll out the update, it's been bricking the Fire sticks to the point where they're not able to connect to the Internet. There is also no connection to the remote so you're stuck with the splash screen that shows the fire TV logo with the three cascading dots underneath indicating it's trying to load but never does. Because of this, you can't do a factory reset.”

The issue is so bad that there's even been mention of a class-action lawsuit being brought against Amazon in the comments.

This update seems to be affecting all models of the Fire TV stick.

Get in touch if you've been affected by this issue, as Stealth Optional is still monitoring the situation.

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