Final Fantasy fans argue 15 is somehow better than 16

final fantasy fans argue 15 is somehow better than 16
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy fans argue 15 is somehow better than 16
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 discourse is still going around, with many either loving or hating the PS5 exclusive JRPG. The discourse has reached a point where fans now think that Final Fantasy 15 is better than its successor.

Some fans on ResetEra are arguing over whether 15 is a better overall adventure than 16. User BossAttack, who started the post, admits that 15 is a flawed and incomplete adventure but argues that Noctis and friends are much more interesting than “edgelord” Clive.

However, it seems that most of the users disagree, as the poll saying “No, Final Fantasy 16 is better” has 60% of the votes. In contrast, the poll that says “Yes, Final Fantasy 15 is better” has a measly 28% of the votes. There was also a joke poll for Cup Noodles, due to the funny Final Fantasy 15 side quest that was unapologetically product placement.

A poll in ResetEra asks if Final Fantasy 15 is better than 16.
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Credit: BossAttack (ResetEra)

Originally planned as Final Fantasy Versus 13, Final Fantasy 15 has had a mixed reception since its launch. While critics enjoyed the combat and open-world exploration, the incomplete  and rushed story were heavily criticized. The plan was to fill the gaps with DLC episodes but the departure of several key staff members ensured this story will never be finished.

Even with its lack of proper JRPG mechanics, Final Fantasy 16 at least launched as a complete game. It seems the devs took 15’s criticism to heart as 16 is a self-contained tale that can be played from start to finish. Square Enix is only considering DLC due to fan demand.

While the 16th installment has its strengths, there are still several fans who don’t like the game. Producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida said he had to deal with a lot of toxic players who hated the JRPG. Some fans even claim that the controversial Stranger of Paraside is better, which is a stretch.

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Players curious about the mixed reception can pick up Final Fantasy 16 on PS5 right now. Final Fantasy 15 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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