Final Fantasy 9 animated adaptation reportedly in development

The world of Final Fantasy has often branched out of the medium of video games. In the mid-2000s, Square Enix invested in multiple CGI movies set in the universe such as The Spirits Within. In the next wave of media content, Square Enix is reportedly working on an animated version of Final Fantasy 9.

Final Fantasy 9 anime

In a report by Kidscreen, it's been revealed that a Final Fantasy 9 animation is in development. The new TV show is allegedly part of a collaboration between Square Enix and French studio Cyber Group Studios.

Cyber Group Studios typically creates content designed for children. The Kidscreen report explains that the studio's Final Fantasy 9 show will be targeting an audience of 8–13-year-olds. The report doesn't explain what animation style the show will follow.However, the show will likely follow the company's signature HD-2D CGI.

The report doesn't state the planned length of the series. However, this is likely due to the fact that the show has yet to be picked up by broadcasters. If the pitching process is successful, Kidscreen expects the show to be in production by the start of 2022.

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What else has Cyber Group Studios done?

Cyber Group Studios looks to be an adequate studio for an adaptation of Final Fantasy 9. The video game’s whimsical nature could be a perfect match for a children's TV show. Furthermore, the studio has already adapted a video game franchise for the screen before.

In 2013, Cyber Group Studios adapted IO Interactive’s Mini Ninjas into a successful animated show. The Mini Ninjas show lasted for two seasons and aired on broadcasters such as Disney Plus and Disney XD.

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