Final Fantasy 16 fans want you to push through the game’s tedious filler

final fantasy 16 fans encourage others to push through with side quests
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 16 fans encourage others to push through with side quests
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 side quests are considered to be some of the game’s low points but fans want newer players to give them a chance. Despite mostly being fetch or kill quests, they still flesh out the world in really interesting ways that add more depth to the game.

Reddit user LouisJoseph003 said that these side quests can feel pointless but players should keep at it. Players who give up too early will miss out on some of the more emotional stories if they skip these quests entirely. This post ended up becoming really popular with the community, hence, more side quests being done.

Some fans ended up sharing their favorite Final Fantasy 16 quests in the comments, though they do contain spoilers. Anyone curious about these quests should probably do them and then read these heartfelt reactions.

“My favorite so far is The side quest with Otto and at the end you get story about Cid’s cup and finding the note about how much Cid cared about Otto. It makes me sad that people not doing the side quests could have missed this,” says ChronoZB.

“I did this one last night and if you tell me that I was gonna be punched in my feels and cry because of a sidequest, I wouldn’t have believed you…but here we are,” chimes in bleedingxedge.

It’s not too surprising to know that the Final Fantasy 16 side quests can feel a bit grindy and basic. After all, the director of this game also worked on Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, which is Square Enix’s biggest money maker. But it’s also an MMO, which means that a ton of its quests can be really grindy and basic.

Hopefully, players keep at it so they can get some of the game’s best emotional moments. Plus, certain quests can give players new skills and we all love having new skills.

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Final Fantasy 16 is readily available on the PlayStation 5, with a future release for PC and Xbox Series still uncertain.

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