Final Fantasy 16 backlash makes fans crawl back to Stranger of Paradise

final fantasy 16 backlash makes fans crawl back to stranger of paradise
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 16 backlash makes fans crawl back to stranger of paradise
Credit: Square Enix

Some fans are so disappointed with Final Fantasy 16 that they are pretending to appreciate the try-hard Stranger of Paradise spin-off as a result. This cycle is always a thing with gaming franchises, so don’t be too surprised when people praise FF 16 after the next games are deemed a disappointment.

On Twitter, @KZXcellent scoffed at seeing players praise Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin just because they don’t like the newest entry. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from suddenly praising this flawed game, even if it's for simple things like having better JRPG mechanics.

For now, here are some fans praising this cringey action RPG:

“I need you guys to do me a favor and play Stranger of Paradise thank you,” says @VMUpati.

“stranger of paradise fucking rules wtf,” says @Loudwindow.

“I finally finished the base game for Stranger of Paradise this weekend and its so fucking good,” says @Chocobo666.

Now, to be fair, Stranger of Paradise did have a small passionate fanbase, even before the release of Final Fantasy 16. Many fans ironically love how seriously the game takes itself, whilst also enjoying how genuinely good the combat is. The fact that it’s also discounted as part of the Summer Steam Sale probably helped it gain some popularity.

However, claiming that this game is better than 16 feels a bit disingenuous. Sure, Final Fantasy 16 isn’t a perfect game but it’s doing its own thing, even if the focus on combat turns it into Medieval May Cry. At the least, its story and writing are a lot better than the supposed “origin” of Final Fantasy.

Despite this article clearly taking sides, we don’t think Stranger of Paradise is a bad game at all. Sure, it’s ugly and has some cringe-worthy writing, but it has solid combat and who are we to take away anyone’s enjoyment? It would just feel a lot more sincere if the praise was coming before fans decided the new game wasn’t “Final Fantasy” enough.

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Currently, gamers can pick up Final Fantasy 16 on the PlayStation 5. A port for PC seems likely, though no release date has been revealed.

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