Final Fantasy 14 players are in shambles after ignoring this quality-of-life feature

final fantasy 14 players ignore quality-of-life feature
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 14 players ignore quality-of-life feature
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 crafters are in shambles after realizing that they’ve been ignoring a quality-of-life feature that would have made crafting leagues easier. While it’s fairly easy to have routines in long-running MMOs like this but the amount of people who ignored this is laughable.

GamesRadar pointed out how a nifty crafting feature was added around the same time as the Shadowbringers expansion. This feature displays the recipe tree for items you can craft and can add a multiplier so players can prepare the number of items needed. What’s more, players can also keep all of these on the screen while making them.

However, because Final Fantasy 14 players didn’t always have this feature available to them, they just made do with third-party apps and complex in-head mathematics. Now that many of them have discovered the feature and are freaking out on social media like Reddit and Twitter, they're unable to comprehend how they've played the game without this help.

"This has been in the game this entire time and I'm only finding out on my last uncapped crafter? At level 78? I've been doing the math by hand this whole time?" Tweets @DirtelfB. "When I tell you I let out an anguished gasp."

Just in case players aren’t aware, they can look up the recipe tree and raw materials list from the menu for help. Crafting items via these methods should save time for players who don’t want to count or write everything down on a piece of paper/their phone. Hopefully, this enlightens many and helps free up the schedules of many players who just want to quest with their friends.

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Even without it, Final Fantasy 14 remains one of the most popular games in the series. It’s definitely the most profitable one, as the success of A Real Reborn has made it the most popular MMO right now. We’re sure some World of Warcraft veterans take offense to that but you all know it's true.

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