Final Fantasy 14 devs want all classic games playable in the MMO

final fantasy 14 devs want all classic games playable in the mmo

final fantasy 14 devs want all classic games playable in the mmo

Final Fantasy 14 is hotter than ever, with a new expansion coming and millions of players still enjoying the game. However, the game was almost even hotter, as the devs wanted to implement the Pixel Remasters in the MMORPG.

During a roundtable interview at FanFest (covered by GamesRadar), director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida revealed he wanted the Pixel Remasters playable in the MMO. Apparently, this isn’t currently possible as those re-releases are running on “middleware” and are incompatible with the online game.

"So because it's running on middleware, if you want to implement that into 14, you'd have to build another system that can play back the middleware inside the game. So it's like you're building a system of a game to play a system of a game. It's just this weird configuration," Yoshi-P explains.

Although that’s a plausible enough reason, we’re surprised that the Final Fantasy 14 director didn’t mention Square Enix selling them. The Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy 1 through 6 are currently available on various platforms and Square obviously wants some of that money.

Whatever the case, Yoshi-P is a bit disappointed by this since he loves the idea of Final Fantasy 14 being a “theme park” for the series. Players who’ve experienced the MMO have seen various references to classic titles, like the Golden Saucer amusement park is a clear tribute to Final Fantasy 7.

Having the classic games would have been nice but that hasn’t stopped the MMO from gaining momentum. It was recently announced that the online title would finally be coming to Xbox after nearly a decade of ignoring the system. The game will also be improving its visuals on all systems, so PC players might need a graphics card.

Yoshi-P has also been doing well for himself, producing the recently-released Final Fantasy 16. Despite having to deal with hurtful online fans, the game has proven to be a success worldwide and DLC might be on its future.

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Final Fantasy 14 is currently available on PS4, PS5, and PC but will be coming to Xbox soon.

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