Fantastic Beasts 3 will have a real ending this time in case we all hate it

With the quickly growing disdain of the Harry Potter franchise, things are looking shaky for Fantastic Beasts 3. In light of J.K Rowling's outbursts of anti-trans hate speech and the terrible second movie in this new line of movies, an actual ending will be created.

With the uncontrollable Rowling, the firing of Johnny Depp and choking controversies from Ezra Miller, it’s hectic. Despite this, the third movie in this spin-off franchise will still release, but it's sequels might not.

How does Fantastic Beasts 3 end?

Reported by renowned leaker Daniel Richtman (via WGTC), the ending of Fantastic Beasts will aim to wrap everything up. While two other stories were supposed to continue on from the events of this unreleased film, those sequels may never appear.

With everything that's happened around the Harry Potter franchise and the terrible Crimes of Grindlewald movie, Warner Bros is not expecting the new movie to succeed. In fact, the company has ordered a “definitive ending" for the movie.

With the success of the Snyder Cut movement, WB's request for a closed ending makes a lot of sense. A definitive ending would keep most fans quiet about potential sequels and at least provide some closure. However, with the fervor of the Potterhead fandom, they likely won't start as quiet as Warner Bros will hope.

What's next for Harry Potter?

Alongside the Fantastic Beasts series, the Harry Potter franchise has expanded heavily in the half-decade. From the awful stage play to the terrible Crimes of Grindlewald, the franchise has not exactly had a good run since The Deathly Hallows ended the main run.

Even with Rowling's dwindling popularity due to a large run of hate speech content, the series is still prominent. There's a new game in the works, Hogwarts Legacy, as well as an alleged TV reboot in the works. Furthermore, Rowling will always tweet about some random tidbit for fans to add to the Wiki.

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