The Dwarven brotherhood successfully pressures Steam to add the Dwarf tag

dwarf games return to moria dwarf fortress and deep rock galactic

Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Studios and Dwarf Fortress publisher Kitfox Games have banded together and done it. In a mutual effort, which was aided by fans social media users, both developers have persuaded Valve to finally add a Dwarf tag for games on Steam.

The campaign started earlier this month after the two studios were potentially inspired by the addition of the 'Boomer Shooter' tag to the Steam database. However, when both companies requested the Dwarf tag, Steam gave a simple refusal. Not deterred by this, Ghost Ship Studios and Kitfox Games took their message to the people.

Let all hear the march of the dwarves and the beating of their drums as fans band together to push the Dwarf tag on Steam by manually adding it. After several weeks of this campaign, Steam finally took notice. Alas, there was one problem.

They added a tag for Elves instead. This was a spit in the face for dwarf lovers and generated an outcry at their sworn racial enemies being given such blatant preference. Luckily, it didn't take Steam way too long to notice and rectify this issue.

If you go to the Steam store now, you can manually search for the Dwarf tag alongside all the other useful tags available. There is a surprising amount of dwarf and dwarf-like games available on Steam, and fans of the genre will be eating well for a while. As of writing this, there are a total of 79 games in the Steam Store with the Dwarf tag, including Return to Moria.

Naturally, like any social media campaign where people get what they want, fans celebrated the successful campaign in the comments. They're all worth a read really.

"@Steam May your beards grow forever!" said a user.

In addition, those of you who might care about elves for whatever reason are also free to use the Elf Games tag. However, this genre only has 12 games at the moment.

Yet another overwhelming victory for the dwarf brotherhood over their tall pointy-eared rivals. Hurrah!

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