Fallout TV series leaks show a fantastically faithful adaptation

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An image of Fallout TV show power armour on the Amazon prime logo

Amazon’s Fallout TV show adaptation is underway, bringing the classic apocalyptic RPG game to the small screen. Judging from new leaks of the TV series, the upcoming adaptation will be rather faithful to the beloved game series.

Recent video game adaptations have been a mixed bag. While Paramount’s Halo TV show has been widely criticised, HBO’s The Last of Us series has been renowned, causing millions of new fans to buy the video game.

In a post on the XboxSeriesX subreddit, we got a new look at the Fallout TV series. Posted by Redditor Element423, a leaked set photo shows Amazon’s Fallout TV show perfectly matching the games’ iconic aesthetic.

The images show a post apocalyptic gas station on the side of the road. Designed in the same aesthetic as Fallout 4, the gas station — where you first encounter Dogmeat — is seen in its usual decrepit state. You can just smell the rads!

Next to the gas station, a number of rundown retro vehicles can be seen. The gorgeous rounded bodies of 50s vehicles lost to time are still parked outside the gas station.

The Redditor who posted the picture revealed that the filming took place at a gas station near their house. It turns out that the gas station is a popular filming location, appearing in movies such as the original John Wick.

“This is the same gas station where they filmed John wick 1 by the way and many other movies… [in] Nyack New York,” the Redditor said. “My wife gets gas there all the time. She calls it the John wick gas station, haha.”

There’s currently no release date for Amazon’s Fallout TV series. However, the TV show is expected to release either at end of 2023 or early 2024. With filming well underway, there is a chance we could see the series grace Amazon Prime Video by the end of the year.

Fallout is not the only big budget TV series Amazon is working on. The tech company has also invested heavily in its Lord of the Rings adaptation, Rings of Power. Season 2 of the fantasy series is expected to release sometime this year.

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