Modern gamers claim Fallout 3 is the ugliest video game of all time

Fallout 3 is the ugliest video game of all time

Fallout 3 is the ugliest video game of all time

Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 3 was a stunner for 2008, but is the game just too damn ugly for modern audiences?

A viral Twitter thread discussing the post-apocalyptic RPG claims that Fallout 3 features the ugliest video game aesthetic of all time. After 15 years, is Bethesda’s game too much of an eyesore for gamers?

In a tweet by user PeppermintFlyBy, they claimed that Fallout 3 was “quite possibly the ugliest game of ever made”. Attaching four screenshots of the aging RPG, the Twitter user appears to have an issue with the game’s drab apocalyptic visuals.

Including images of Megaton, one of the game’s most beloved areas, and some other choice screen grabs, the user argued that Bethesda’s game looks worse than any other video game. (Factually untrue, but people are allowed an opinion.)

As usual with all controversial Twitter takes, this immediately resulted in a large number of fans coming to rescue their favourite game from any harsh words thrown upon it.

“Thats literally the point???? It’s a nuclear wasteland??” one fan replied. “Gamers when a game from 2008 doesn't look the best,” said another. “Breaking news: 200 years of city decay looks gross and derelict,” a commenter joked.

One fan smartly countered the original post with examples of some amazing looking areas in Fallout 3. The commenter argued that the RPG still has the best art direction of the series and has yet to be matched.

Fallout 3 is certainly a game of its time. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, realism was seen as dull greys and browns, and that trend is thankfully dead now. Nevertheless, even with its aged visuals, Fallout 3 still has some fantastic looking areas.

After all, even Skyrim, as grey and dull as it is, was a far cry from the lush saturated colours of Oblivion. Just as Fallout 4 moved the franchise back into colour, The Elder Scrolls 6 looks to be doing the same for its series.

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While Fallout 3 isn’t drop dead gorgeous, we certainly don’t think it’s the ugliest game of all time. That goes to Bubsy 3D, a game that should be a crime to look at.

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