Fallout 2 gains new life for modern audiences in this massive mod

Fallout 2 Power Armour from cover art in front of a gameplay screesh
Credit: Bethesda

Fallout 2 Power Armour from cover art in front of a gameplay screesh
Credit: Bethesda


  • Project Arroyo, an in-development mod for Fallout 4 that recreates Fallout 2, has revealed a location comparison video
  • The trailer showcases just how different the iconic setpieces of the 1998 classic look in Fallout 4’s engine
  • There’s currently no release date for the mod, but the team is looking for applicants to join the development team

While many may know the Fallout series as a post-apocalyptic shooter from Bethesda, the RPG series had very humble beginnings. In fact, Fallout 2 was released way back in 1998, 10 years before Fallout 3 would change the franchise's direction forever. Even then, Fallout 3 was still voted the ugliest game, for better or worse.

However, if you've been turned away from Fallout 2's classic design and hardcore gameplay, then this upcoming mod may be what you need. Called Project Arroyo by the team behind it, this Fallout 4 mod will mostly recreate the classic game in within Fallout 4's engine, giving you the experience of the 1998 game without having to play the original version.

As spotted by PCGamesN, Project Arroyo has recently released a video of various locations from the mod, compared to the original game. For those unaware, Project Arroyo started over four years ago before going radio silent until recently, with the mod developers partnering up with Vault 13, a team working on a recreation of the original Fallout game.

It's certainly impressive to see not only how far the mod has come since conception, but how far gaming has come in general. The huge differences between an isometric and first-person view shows just how games have come, and while Fallout 4 will certainly have some limitations due to it being almost a decade old itself, it's still hugely impressive.

Since Project Arroyo's return, there's been plenty of updates regarding the mods progress, showing that the speed of development has certainly improved over the years. We're very excited to experience Fallout 2 in a new and modernised way, especially after playing the original plenty of times.

There's currently no release date for the mod just yet, however, anticipated fans can keep up-to-date by joining the Project Arroyo Discord server. The team is also looking for applicants for the team, so you could play a part in developing this recreation of Fallout 2 if you have the skills.

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