Fall Guys-style VR platformer now available on Meta Quest

Someone holding their hands up in a level of Sky Climb in VR
Credit: VRMonkey

Someone holding their hands up in a level of Sky Climb in VR
Credit: VRMonkey


  • Developer VRMonkey has finally launched Sky Climb, a Fall Guys-style platformer, on the Meta Quest storefront
  • The game was originally available via SideQuest, with a PSVR 2 version also in the works and coming soon
  • It features 65 levels to play through in single-player, with a competitive multiplayer offering for those missing that Fall Guys edge

If you've been hooked on Fall Guys for the past few years and been wishing, and hoping, for a game in a similar style for virtual reality, well, you're in luck. As of today, Sky Climb from VRMonkey is available to purchase on the Meta Quest storefront, with a PSVR 2 port also coming up.

If you own one of the best VR headsets, such as a Quest 2 or Quest 3, then you may want to dive into this latest game. While the game has been available to download via SideQuest, it's now officially released on the Quest store at the price of £10.99 / $14.99.

In Sky Climb, you play as a customisable hero in a balloon universe, with various worlds where your mission is to rescue guardians, and attempt to restore harmony. There's also plenty of bosses you'll need to defeat, but thankfully, there's some power-ups to collect along the way.

Unlike Fall Guys, the main appeal of Sky Climb's gravity-defying and challenging 65 levels is the fact that its in single-player - that means no fighting for a crown against other players like the Epic Games-owned and beloved battle royale. However, if you're looking to show off your competitive spirt, there's a multiplayer mode where you'll be able to test your skills against five other players.

As an added bonus, players can also build and design their own Sky Climb levels, letting you extend your playtime. That way, you can either create some experiences that let you enjoy the bright and colour-popping visuals of Sky Climb's world - or create some dastardly difficult and outright challenging levels that will see you pull your hair out.

Unfortunately, there's no news as to whether the game will see a release on PC storefronts. We imagine this would be one of the best PCVR games if it arrives on Steam, but for now, the game is solely on Meta Quest with a PSVR 2 version releasing in the coming weeks.

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