Meta services outage cause people to flock from Facebook and Insta to Reddit and X

Meta logo above Instagram and Facebook logos in front of fire
Credit: Meta

Meta logo above Instagram and Facebook logos in front of fire
Credit: Meta

In recent memory, as social media has become a part of our daily routine, its easy to forget how easily it could be taken away from us. Today, sudden outages have affected Meta's various platforms, leaving users to either flock to another social media, or pick up a book for once, I guess.

If you've been wondering why your friends' aren't talking to you, it's not because your Messenger notifications aren't working. The outage is causing Meta users to be kicked out of their accounts suddenly, and many won't be able to login. This issue currently affects Facebook, the Oculus app, Instagram, Messenger. And probably Threads, although we all know Threads is dead by now.

For one example, the Downdetector page for Facebook UK saw a huge spike at roughly 4PM, despite the rest of the day seeing absolutely no incidences whatsoever. However, the issue is affecting users in the US, parts of Europe, China, and more.

Downdetector outage reports for Facebook in front of a fire background
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Credit: Downdetector

Some people, including myself, have been able to log back into Facebook since the reports started, indicating that things are on the up. However, it may be a little while before everything is back in full working order. So, maybe you should dust off that book and read it, like you said you would months ago.

Considering that all of Meta's platforms are mostly unified by a single Meta account, things like this could cause serious problems. Personally, Messenger has become my go-to in recent years, as opposed to texting, so when outages occur, it can get pretty annoying to open that messages app for the first time in months.

Hopefully, these issues are fixed soon. At the very least, if you're one of the last people to have their Meta issues solved, you can always go to Twitter or Reddit. And, to be honest, I rarely use Facebook and the like anyway.

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