F-Zero 99 offline modes are coming to the battle royale racer

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f-zero 99 offline modes are coming to the battle royale racer
Credit: Nintendo

F-Zero 99 might not be the new racer fans wanted, but it quickly gained a fanbase, thanks to the unique but fun gameplay. While online racing is the main priority, data miners were quick to find that offline modes could be coming to the game soon.

A data miner going by the name ‘OatmealDome’ tweeted some of the information that came from this NSO-exclusive racer. The data miner uncovered new modes called Arcade and Survivor, with some new VFX tracks accompanying the former.

Seeing these NSO games get offline modes isn’t surprising, as Pac-Man 99 also had offline modes for players to take part in. Adding those modes made sense in the end, as Nintendo and Bandai Namco shut down the online service earlier this year, though fans can still play the offline modes.

Due to Nintendo owning the IP, it’s hard to imagine that they will be taking down F-Zero 99 anytime soon. Most fans would be crushed to see the only new game in this IP disappear in a year or two. Then again, Nintendo took down Mario 35 as part of the character’s 35th anniversary, which still has many fans angry.

Right now, NSO fans do have a few F-Zero games to play, though they still aren’t new titles. The SNES title, simply called F-Zero, is what the battle royale is based on and can be played as part of the basic NSO plan. Players with an NSO + Expansion subscription can play F-Zero X on the N64 emulator, although Maximum Velocity on GBA is oddly missing.

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F-Zero 99 is now available on the Nintendo Switch and is a free download for those with an NSO subscription.

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