Extremely rare Ishihara GX Pokemon Card sold for $250,000

The booming popularly of the Pokemon Trading Card game has led to cards being more expensive than ever before. However, a single rare Pokemon Card has recently proven that fans aren't messing around when it comes to collecting.

Sold at an auction for almost $250,000, this special Pokemon Card is a rare promotional item that was never given to the public. As such, this is one of the highest selling Pokemon TCG product of all time.

Ishihara GX Pokemon Card

The card in question is a special promotional card: Ishihara GX. Depicting The Pokemon Company founder Tsunekazu Ishihara, the card was created to mark the man's 60th birthday. Given to The Pokemon Company employees, the Ishihara GX Card was never available for consumers to buy. To sweeten the deal, the card even features the founder's signature right on the front. It's everything you could want in a special promotional card!

Funnily enough, the card isn't playable in the slightest as it’s incredibly overpowered. Ishihara GX has a massive 350hp stat as well as an attack that rushed out 1060 damage. If that wasn't bad enough, the card also has an ability that basically stops the opponent from damaging it. Ishihara is a beast!

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At auction, the card sold for a whopping $247,230. Upsetting, this is far from the highest auction for a Pokemon TCG product. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the card game nowadays, some cards are selling for around $400,000. That price was attributed to a PSA graded test print of a 1st edition Blastoise.

Nevertheless, the Ishihara GX card tells an interesting story and it is a part of the card game’s history. There are more copies of this card out there; maybe more will be sold in light of this huge sale.

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