Explicit robots aren't just for men, women want to bang them too

As robots like Engineered Arts’ Ameca become more lifelike, the creation of “explicit robots” for “bedtime” uses is becoming more common. While some are already trying to marry robot companions, others simply want them to dance without pants.

Typically, the general consensus is that explicit robots will be predominantly used by men. However, women on social media want it known that men will not be the only people banging robots when they arrive in the boudoir.

Women want to bang robots, too!

The heated online discussion was kicked off by a response to a The Sun article published in 2015. Six years after the publication of the article, a Twitter user expressed their upset over the article’s choice of banner image.

For the article, the publication chose an image of a woman cuddling up to a male-coded robot in bed, presumably after relations. The Twitter user explained that the image of a woman “for an article that's obviously talking about men” was “disgusting”.

“We all know that this kind of ‘inventions’ are [sic] dedicated to them,” they said. “F***ing disgusting the way you feel the items to aficionados the word ‘sex’ with a woman's body.”

The tweet was immediately met with backlash. Of course, male Twitter users joined in to tell the poster to just not sleep with robots, missing the point of the original post. However, the post also saw backlash from a large number of women.

One user told the poster: “GIRL SHUT THE F**K UP! I CANNOT WAIT TO GET SOME ROBOT D**K!” Of course, the original post was eventually deleted with the poster making their profile private. As it’s the Internet, users had already captured the post to make their own viral tweets.

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Will women buy bedroom robotics?

As many users have pointed out, the purchase of explicit robots by women won't be that surprising. Decades ago, the idea of women owning tools for the bedroom was heavily stigmatised. However, with the rise of the Internet, as women support women online, that stigmatism has started to diminish.

The industry for explicit toys is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s heavily female dominated — pun not intended. Via Clearview, as sexual awareness has increased, the industry has increased. In 2020, 60% of sales were by customers who identified as female.

Of course, robots are expensive, and when the technology makes its way into the bedroom it won't be cheap. However, as they become more accessible and affordable, people — men and women alike — are going to bang those robots.

Now, if the Internet would be so kind, can you please stop posting about how you want to mount Optimus Prime? Or Five Nights at Freddy's characters? Please?

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