Evidence supports Anti-Universe where time goes backwards, claim scientists

The concept of time is one that humanity tightly grips onto. It provides scale, urgency and order to our universe. However, what if there was an opposite universe, a mirror universe, an anti-universe where time's flow was reversed

Well, reported by Live Science, scientific evidence suggests that an anti-universe does exist. But what is it? Can we visit it? And if time flows backwards, were those songs always talking about The Devil?

What is the anti-universe?

Explained in a paper published in scientific journal Annals of Physics, a new theory suggests that our universe might have a mirror partner. Dubbed the anti-universe, this alternate plane is exactly the same as ours except time is moving backwards.

The scientists theorise that this universe started at the same time as ours: The Big Bang. However, while our universe started at the “beginning of time”, the alternate, mirror universe started at the end. Researchers admit that we will never be able to visit the mirror universe, but there is a test to see if it could exist.

The study explained that an opposite universe would follow the same rules as our own, and the signs to its existence rest with us as well. As the universe is balanced on natural symmetries — charge, parity and time — the universe itself must follow those rules. Therefore, a mirror universe would have to sit right “next” to ours.

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The solution to dark matter

Anti-Universe theory is being pitched as an explanation to dark matter. Currently, dark matter’s existence has only been inferred through gravitational effects on other particles. However, this form of matter may be an integral part of our mirrored universe.

The scientists explained that our reality has three types of neutrino: electron-neutrinos, muon-neutrinos and tau-neutrinos. These neutrinos all spin to the left. However, in a mirrored universe, all neutrinos would be right-turning.

If right-turning neutrinos did exist, they — just like dark matter — would be undetectable by modern instruments. The neutrinos’ existence would fit in with fundamental symmetry, offering the anti-force a mirrored universe needs.

All in all, it's really confusing, and while theoretical works on mirror universes are extremely fascinating, there's no moustachioed Leonard Nimoy to be seen anywhere!

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