Europa Universalis IV King of Kings release date finally revealed

Europa Universalis IV King of Kings key art

Europa Universalis IV King of Kings key art

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The next expansion for Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV, King of Kings, finally has a release date. After months of waiting, the 2013 grand strategy game’s next expansion pack is just around the corner.

Revealed in a new pre-order trailer for the expansion, fans will soon have access to massively expanded nations within the strategy game.

Releasing alongside patch 1.36 on November 6, 2023, Europa Universalis IV King of Kings promises to add more depth to the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Persia and the Mamluk Sultanate factions of the long-running strategy title.

Of course, the new expansion will also add more content to play through with these expanded factions. Paradox promises over 300 new missions and 150 playable events will be added as part of the immersion pack, adding hours of new content to play through.

In the new add-on, Persia receives 70 new National Missions, branching paths based on Sunni, Shia or Zoroastrian religions, and National Idea sets based on unique government reforms and agendas.

Additionally, Mamluk Ehyot receives a smaller 30 missions alongside the option to westernise Egypt, export grain and, of course, their own unique government reforms.

The Byzantine Empire will also receive its fair share of new content, including 60 new National Missions. This faction also receives 50 new events, 10 new decisions and its own unique government reforms.

Alongside the Europa Universalis IV King of Kings content, players will also have access to some sweeping new changes. This include rebalances for Armenia and Georgia, alterations to Yemen and Arabia, as well as Ardabil, Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu content.

“Empires and cultures as old as civilization itself stretch across the Near and Middle East, barriers against Ottoman expansion into Asia and North Africa,” reads the new expansion’s synopsis. “In Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings, these great centers of humanity - Cairo, Constantinople, and Isfahan - get a fresh look, with new historical flavor, greater gameplay variety and compelling alternate histories as you rewrite the history of the early modern world.”

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Europa Universalis IV King of Kings is available to pre-order right now on Steam, EGS, GOG and the Microsoft Store.

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