Escape from Tarkov Devs Implode Following Pay to Win Claims, Calls Out Other Devs

escape from tarkov devs implode
Credit: Battlestate Games

escape from tarkov devs implode
Credit: Battlestate Games


  • The Escape from Tarkov devs are losing it on Twitter
  • They called out a different developer for supposedly plagiarizing their game
  • Fans are still mad at the devs for lying about their DLC plans

Escape from Tarkov is currently in some hot water, limiting PvE to fans who purchase The Unheard Edition, after promising future DLC for EOD owners. The devs at Battlestate Games have seemingly gone off the deep end since, getting mad at another game with similar concepts and not giving EOD owners their promised content.

On Twitter, Battlestate called out Arena Breakout: Infinite for supposedly “plagiarizing” their game, simply because the opposing title took some shots. Battlestate then got the notorious Twitter Community Note that shows they’re actually in the wrong since Arena hasn’t stolen their assets.

The Escape from Tarkov devs were called out by Arena and fans for hiding paid DLC behind a game edition. Like we mentioned previously, they already had a different special edition of the game that was supposed to have all DLC and then they took it away. While there is an upgrade plan to give EOD owners to The Unheard Edition, the damage is done.

It’s just sad seeing a developer release unhinged comments like this, especially since Tarkov is already a well-liked shooter with plenty of fans. Some could argue that the shot taken by Arena Breakout: Infinite didn’t need to be taken, but it was Tarkov that got the embarrassing Community Note.

We’re sure this won’t stop fans from playing Escape from Tarkov, as the multiplayer shooter is still a fun time for those who enjoy the gameplay loop. However, lying to fans about their DLC editions and getting numerous embarrassing Community Notes will be hard to live down. If the devs can overcome this and continue updating Tarkov to make it a great game, they can raise their head high again one day.

Only time will tell if Battlestate Games will make amends for their actions, as there’s no doubt that they’ve made some bad decisions. In the meantime, fans playing the game can see details on Tarkov's Arena mode and the best settings for this shooter.

Escape from Tarkov is available now on PC.

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