Enshrouded roadmap offers Steam Deck support and an improved world for the full title

enshrouded steam deck support officially confirmed
Credit: Keen Games

enshrouded steam deck support officially confirmed
Credit: Keen Games


  • Enshrouded Steam Deck support was confirmed in the game's roadmap
  • The game is also getting a ton of features to make the world bigger
  • Enshrouded keeps getting better with each update

Enshrouded might still be in Early Access, but fans are already intrigued by the game’s survival elements and action RPG combat. The devs at Keen Games have released a roadmap for this Early Access title, showing that Steam Deck support is also coming soon.

On Twitter, the devs at Keen Games have confirmed that Steam Deck support is one of the big features coming as part of the game’s roadmap. Keen Games has also confirmed several features that will make the world more exciting to explore, including more dungeons, replayable quests, improved framerate, and so much more.

Fans are enjoying the world of Enshrouded, so promising to make the world even better is always good news. The fact that this open-world will also be getting Steam Deck support also means gamers will be able to bring this world to wherever they go. Considering how this RPG will let you craft and fight monsters, this makes it the perfect handheld game for Deck owners.

Survival simulators have been making something of a comeback, with games like Palworld and Enshrouded leading the charge. While Palworld might have stronger sales, Enshrouded is no slouch in this department, managing to have millions of players in its fantasy world.

The popularity of this game is somewhat surprising since it doesn’t do too many things differently when compared to other survival sims. However, it does do the basics well, and fans are enjoying the mixture of crafting and fighting in this fantasy world. With more improvements coming to the open-world RPG, this game is only going to get better with time.

Like other survival games before it, Enshrouded has players starting from nothing, having to scavenge whatever they can find as they fight deadly monsters. As the game goes on, even more features and combat mechanics are unlocked, giving fans even more options.

Enshrouded is currently available on Steam as part of Early Access, with Steam Deck support coming soon.

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