Elon Musk pitches Robot Catgirl Tesla Bots for the future 

Electric car company Tesla is moving into the robotics industry with Tesla Bot. Currently in development for 2023, the upcoming humanoid robot is aiming to be the standard in consumer robotics. While the product has yet to release, Tesla CEO Elon Musk already has plans for a follow-up: a Robot Catgirl. 

Elon Musk wants a Robot Catgirl 

Via Futurism, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed possible follow-up Tesla Bot products. In an interview with TED’s Chris Anderson, Musk explained that customers will definitely want to bone their robots one day. 

When asked if Tesla will make “sexbots” in the future, Musk explained that it’s “probably inevitable”. However, the multi-billionaire also implicated that it could be used to realise a very anime fetish for fans. 

Musk explained that Tesla Bots could be used to create robot catgirls, inspired by characters in anime. Furthermore, Elon Musk sees this as following up on a previous promise to Tesla fans. 

“I mean, I did promise the internet that I’d make catgirls,” Musk told Chris Anderson. “We could make a robot catgirl.”

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Will it actually happen? 

Of course, just because Elon Musk has said Tesla will create robot catgirls, that doesn’t mean Tesla will actually create them. Additionally, there’s no way of telling if the product will be as popular as Musk wants it to be. 

On the other hand, a Robot Catgirl product will absolutely take off with a certain crowd of people. Currently, sexbots are already a product that some people have access to, but they’re not exactly mainstream products. 

Nevertheless, someone out there will absolutely create a robot catgirl at some point. Of course, once released, there will definitely be a few robotic anime characters hidden in someone’s closet somewhere. 

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