Elon Musk plans to ruin space with adverts using SpaceX satellites and crypto

In a scene straight out Futurama, the corporate greed of Elon Musk is bringing capitalist dystopia to space. Using SpaceX satellites, Musk is aiming to pollute the universe's most natural territory with advertisements.

Reported by Business Insider, Elon Musk is partnering SpaceX with Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation for this project. Additionally, the project is going to be financed by cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk ruins space with adverts

The Tesla “Technoking” will allow the use of advertisements in space through a new form of satellite. The satellite is called CubeSat, built in collaboration with GEC. The device is purpose-built to display pictures and videos in space.

GEC CEO Samuel Reid says the technology is inspired by Internet artboards like the Million Dollar Homepage. Each pixel on the CubeSat display is worth a certain amount of money. Reid and Musk are banking on companies continually fighting over ad space, constantly bringing in more revenue.

Reid said:

"There might be companies which want to depict their logo ... or it might end up being a bit more personal and artistic. Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight over their logo and reclaim over each other."
The million dollar Homepage
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The Million Dollar Homepage used to be full of creativity before scam ads took over. Musk's plans for the satellite are built around advertisements.

The CubeSat will be launched into space next year on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. GEC will have an online video stream showing off the space screen.

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Crypto rears its head again

Of course, Elon Musk and Samuel Reid's gross space ads are backed by cryptocurrency. After all, you can't ruin space without making Earth worse for everyone as well. According to the report, the entire project will be based around cryptocurrency like Ethereum. There are also plans to support DogeCoin in the future, presumably so Musk can win a few more internet points.

Individual pixels on the CubeSat are rented with cryptocurrency. To change a pixel, companies will need to buy tokens with crypto. There are five tokens: Beta and Rho for X and Y coordinates; Gamma for brightness; Kappa for colour, and XI for the duration it stays there. To put it simply, perfectly configuring a single pixel requires five tokens purchased with cryptocurrency.

Of course, Reid has not revealed how much a single token will be. However, it's likely going to cost a very pretty digital penny. Nevertheless, no matter the cost, it’s not worth polluting space anyway.

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