Elder Scrolls 6 is just ‘mid’, says a very desperate Microsoft

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The Elder Scrolls 6 is seen as a big title to gamers, finally giving us a follow-up to 2011’s Skyrim. However, a very desperate Microsoft describes the upcoming RPG as “mid,” or, to be more specific, “mid-sized” when compared to PlayStation exclusives.

Sony has been preventing Microsoft from fully-purchasing Activision, claiming that it will make things harder for developers and publishers. In order to make this sale happen, Microsoft has essentially buried its Xbox exclusives, claiming they aren’t as good as the ones on PlayStation.

While humorous, it’s somewhat sad to see Microsoft deprecate itself just to appease the right people who will make this sale happen. Obviously, The Elder Scrolls 6 is still going to be a big deal when it comes out, but this will definitely annoy Xbox Series players.

Microsoft has been emasculating itself quite a bit during the court proceedings and that has led to a rare mention of The Elder Scrolls 6. Responding to research about the nature of console exclusives, Microsoft outright said they wouldn’t be pouring the same amount of money as Sony would on this exclusive.

"Titles such as Elder Scrolls 6 (which is not expected to be released before [REDACTED] with the last installment in the series being released in 2011), as well as other future titles, will not involve Microsoft forgoing $[REDACTED] per annum of revenue from PlayStation customers or disenfranchising ca. [REDACTED] million MAU on PlayStation," reads the statement (via vg247).

Along with this statement, Microsoft also outright said that its exclusives aren’t as good as the ones on PlayStation and Nintendo. The company even said that Nintendo has more mature titles than they do, using a lewd screenshot of Bayonetta as an example.


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Whatever the case, it appears that Microsoft is struggling with the Activision Blizzard sale. It was stated that Call of Duty would still appear on PlayStation but titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 will be Xbox Series exclusives.

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