EE promises "game-changing" announcement this week: What could it be?

Last week, UK network provider EE teased in an e-mail about something ‘game-changing’ coming to their service, which is being announced on the 15th October.

As Microsoft have offered the option of their 'All-Access' program for their Xbox One line in the last couple of years, its expansion to offer this to the Xbox Series S/X was met with pre-order issues thanks to the massive demand.

It looks as though Microsoft want to help with this thanks to EE, which is why we suspect that this 'game-changing' event is all to do with Xbox Series S/X.

With that, lets break down what this could mean for EE and customers in the UK.

Game-Changer for Kevin?

It's no secret that the pre-order of the 'Xbox All Access' program was a mess when it launched for the Series S/X last month. Many were prone to GAME and Smyth Toys falling foul to the demand, with their sites buckling under the massive amount of traffic.

Since then, Microsoft have been quiet about this, not announcing any new partners to the service while GAME and Smyths Toys are seemingly wanting to save face by honouring the existing orders they have recieved.

With EE, it looks like it's a perfect opportunity to bring in their services for Xbox Series S/X.

In the past, network providers in the UK have offered PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox 360, and Apple TV devices to help spread the cost in a two year contract, similar to their phone and tablet offerings.

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Xbox on Contract?

It makes a lot of sense for this to be carried on with the new consoles, and for one provider, at least to test the waters. Having an Xbox Series S/X on a two year contract bundled in with an Android phone makes a lot of sense, especially when you factor in 'Xbox Games Pass Ultimate' to the strategy.

Having your library on the latest and greatest console, while carrying on your progress through your phone brings a sense of cohesion and a lot of affordability to those who won't be able to afford these in one lump sum.

Having a provider like EE who are already touting their 5G connectivity could help drive customers to switch to a 5G plan, so they have the ability to take advantage of the much-improved speeds that the new cellular connection provides on xCloud.

We aren't far away from the announcement, but Microsoft and EE are in a unique position where it could benefit most here, and most of all, both its customers if they're looking for a new phone and a new console.

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