EA’s Iron Man game won’t be forced to use Frostbite

ea iron man game wont be forced to use frostbite
Credit: EA

ea iron man game wont be forced to use frostbite
Credit: EA

EA is currently working on their still-unnamed Iron Man game, the company’s first modern Marvel game. Contrary to popular belief, rumours claim the new game won’t use the company’s signature Frostbite engine, an internal tool used for everything from Dragon Age to Star Wars.

With EA promising that the Marvel game will be a triple-A single-player experience, it will need to impress fans, critics, and Disney. Although some games have used Frostbite well, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company ends up using Unreal Engine in the end.

Rumours of EA’s Iron Man game using something other than Frostbite emerged when a job listing for a senior-level designer emerged, (via Gaming Bolt). The listing asks that for a level designer that has at least five years' worth of experience and has “familiarity with an advanced game engine like Unreal.”

Admittedly, this is far from a hard confirmation, but it’s clear that the company is at least considering using another engine for their Marvel game. Having an experienced level designer, in general, is good since the company probably wants to make a good impression with this title.

Fans will remember how EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was an excellent game and that used Unreal Engine 4. While EA doesn’t have to make their Iron Man game like Jedi: Fallen Order, that game did benefit from using the Unreal engine. Both games are single-player as well, which might make the engine more fitting.

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No release date for EA’s Iron Man game has been revealed, though expect it to come out for current-gen systems. Fans with an Iron Man itch can play as him in Marvel’s Avengers or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

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