Dutch citizens plan to launch rotten eggs at Bezos’ superyacht for destroying historic bridge

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is rich, richer than rich, and the big, bald billionaire wants everyone to know it. Over the past year, Bezos has shot himself into space and commissioned himself an obscenely huge superyacht. (It has a smaller support yacht installed!) However, the Amazon founder seems to have found an unexpected enemy: The Dutch.

The Dutch vs Bezos

Via Business Insider, Bezos’ recent rich-man activities has drawn the ire of the citizens of Rotterdam. In order to sail his oversized yacht from shipyard to ocean, the Amazon billionaire is demanding the deconstruction of a historic local bridge.

Rotterdam's Koningshaven Bridge is an iconic landmark for the local people. At over 100 years old, the bridge was reconstructed in the 1940s after being demolished by Nazis during World War 2. After a renovation in 2017, citizens were promised that the bridge would never be taken apart again.

However, the Dutch city’s residents didn't expect that promise to be broken just a few years later in order to satisfy Jeff Bezos. In a gross display of wealth, the Amazon founder has convinced the local council to break its promise, deconstruct the bridge and allow the boat to sail through. This is all because Bezos’s three-mast yacht is too tall to pass through the bridge’s 131-foot central section.

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Egg on Egghead

In response to Bezos’ plans to take down the Koningshaven bridge, Rotterdam citizens will be responding in protest. If the plan goes ahead to deconstruct the landmark in favour of the yacht, Bezos’ boat will be in for an egg surprise.

Announced in a Facebook post, over 3,000 Dutch citizens are planning to launch rotten eggs at Bezos’ boat when it passes through the Koningshaven bridge. While it's not known if Bezos will still go through with his plan, the locals are already planning their retaliation.

The event description reads:

"Calling all Rotterdammers, take a box of rotten eggs with you and let's throw them en masse at Jeff's superyacht when it sails through the Hef in Rotterdam. Rotterdam was built from the rubble by the people of Rotterdam, and we don't just take that apart for the phallic symbol of a megalomaniac billionaire. Not without a fight!"

Of course, launching thousands of gross, rotten eggs won't do anything to stop Bezos, but it is a fun past-time protest. It’s almost reminiscent of the good ol’ days of France, just sans guillotine. (Disclaimer: Stealth Optional does not condone the use of guillotines.)

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