Dune’s Pretty Gross Stillsuit Is Now Real

a man wearing a gas mask is sitting on the ground in the desert .
Credit: The Hacksmith

a man wearing a gas mask is sitting on the ground in the desert .
Credit: The Hacksmith


  • YouTube channel The Hacksmith has made Dune's Stillsuit a reality
  • This comes complete with suit cooling and converting sweat into drinkable water
  • Sci-fi is slowly becoming reality, thanks to scientists like these

Some crazy scientists have decided to make the Stillsuit from Dune into a real contraption that people can wear, for better or worse. While the suit doesn’t look as good as it does from the recent films, it’s still impressive to see these scientists create something that can replicate the original.

YouTube channel The Hacksmith was able to make their own version of the Stillsuit, proving that this piece of fiction can come into reality. It might not actually help anyone survive on a desert planet like Arrakis, but this is still an impressive invention that can inspire similar tech.

The Hacksmith used a thermoelectric cooler that can help cool this Dune suit, so fans won’t be sweating completely when wearing this outfit. In addition to this, these inventors were also able to add a drinking bladder into the suit, ensuring that the user has something to drink when wearing this.

While this is all impressive, fans should know that this isn’t completely faithful to the series’ lore, as it doesn’t convert your pee into water. However, they were able to make the suit convert your sweat and make it drinkable through a tube, which sounds disgusting. It’s somewhat faithful to the books and films, but that doesn’t mean we want to hear about things like this.

Despite the bit of drinking your sweat being disgusting, this is still an impressive piece of tech that Dune fans might want to try. Granted, there’s no real reason to wear this suit unless anyone wants to torture themselves, but it could inspire something more useful in the future. There’s a lot of talk about Global Warming hurting Earth more than we think, so people might want to get ready.

In the meantime, The Hacksmith made a very impressive suit that should make Dune fans swoon over how accurate it was. Some of these fans might want to make their own suit after this, but we’d advise against that.

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