Dragon's Dogma TV show is coming: Check out the cast, trailer, release date and more

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Despite being something of an underrated game when it released back in 2012, Dragon's Dogma has steadily picked up fans and cult status as the years have gone on.

This has been helped massively by re-releases, especially the one that came to Switch not too long ago.

Well, now we're even getting a TV show set in the universe, and that's a very exciting prospect for long-time fans.

So, here's everything you need to know about the Dragon's Dogma TV show.

Dragon's Dogma TV show cast

So far we only have three cast members listed, so we'll talk about those we know.

The first is Greg Chun. You may well know him from his video game work as Takayuki Yagami in Judgment, Ike in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or maybe even his anime work with the likes of Baki under his belt.

Next is Erica Mendez, who plays the almighty Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter and some video games like Shenmue 3.

Finally, we have Cristina Vee. She does a lot of anime work as well, playing characters like Ebisu in Dorohedoro and her video game work like playing Shantae in the Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

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Dragon's Dogma TV show trailer

We've got the trailer below which shows a brief glimpse of what will happen in the story. Obviously, it's a trailer, that's kind of the point.

For fans of the game, while it does look familiar to the game's story, there are a couple of little differences that could keep this mysterious for newcomers to the universe as well as those battle-hardened Arisen that live among us.

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Dragon's Dogma TV show release date

The good news is that fans will be able to blast through the show when it all releases on Netflix on September 17th.

Season one will have seven episodes, which will we expect to be around the 40-60 minute mark as the excellent Castlevania series was.

Hopefully, we either get a satisfying conclusion in this one series, or there are already plans for the follow-up seasons.

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