Dragon's Dogma 2 mod for PC is vital in the fight against Dragonsplague

Pawn holding her hand up and revealing the Nexus Mods logo in Dragon's Dogma 2
Credit: Capcom / Nexus Mods

Pawn holding her hand up and revealing the Nexus Mods logo in Dragon's Dogma 2
Credit: Capcom / Nexus Mods


  • Dragonsplague has become a terrifying threat that could ruin your Dragon’s Dogma 2 save
  • Fortunately, a save manager mod has released for the fantasy RPG game
  • Dragonsplague has a fair amount of symptoms to look out for before it kills your town residents

While most players fear Griffins, Ogres, or Dragons in Dragon's Dogma 2, there's one threat that is starting to loom its head - Dragonsplague. Most enemies can be defeated by sheer will and patience, alongside good planning, but Dragonsplague is a (mostly) silent killer than can lead to entire towns of NPCs dying over night.

For those who haven't suffered from performance issues, which led to Dragon's Dogma 2 getting mixed reviews on Steam, you may or may not have encountered the devastating Dragonsplague that is now terrorising the r/DragonsDogma subreddit.

Dragonsplague is a disease that affects your pawns, causing them to slowly go off-the-rails, so to speak. Your pawns can catch it when fighting a Dragon or a Drake in the game, but unfortunately, you can also get it when hiring or getting a new pawn from the Rift. If things go too far, and you don't dismiss infected pawns or kill your main pawn, when you go to rest at an Inn after a hard day's work, your pawn may go on a killing spree that wipes an entire settlement.

Of course, there's a few signs that Dragonsplague has infected your cohort. The first time you encounter the disease, it will come up as a tutorial pop-up, but in future situations, your pawns will fight back against your commands, act rudely towards you, or make comments on feeling more powerful and the like. There's also the fact that they have glowing red eyes, but there's another vital way to deal with Dragonsplague.

If you're on PC, you can download the Dragon's Dogma 2 saves manager mod. A missing Quality of Life feature regardless, the Dragon's Dogma 2 saves mod will let you load previous saves in your game, letting you go back in time before your pawn slaughtered your town and stop them. It's not the most immersive option, as you can use Wakestones to revive NPCs, but it's certainly a time-saver.

Some people have mentioned online that you can sleep for roughly a week and then all of the residents that were killed magically revive over night. However, this could be a bug, so we wouldn't rely on waiting and hoping. Dragonsplague is certainly annoying, but its an interesting mechanic that actually lets you skip a lot of main story and skip to the ending, which is interesting to see in a modern game.

Make sure to also find out how to backup your Dragon's Dogma 2 save, or if you picked up the deluxe edition, find out how to fix missing Deluxe items in Dragon's Dogma 2. Especially before the Dragonsplague nukes your save.

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