Dragon Quest 10 English fan translation releases because Square Enix won't do it themselves

dragon quest 10 english fan translation launches because square enix wont do it-themselves
Credit: Square Enix

dragon quest 10 english fan translation launches because square enix wont do it-themselves
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix still hasn’t given Dragon Quest 10 a worldwide release, so fans have made their own English translation. It is genuinely absurd to see Square ignore the demand for this MMO, especially since they released an offline version that would be perfect for release.

Fan project DQXClarity is attempting to translate all of the game and its expansion, which sounds like an impossible task. Amazingly, the team has already translated up to volume 5, which is reportedly the length of five Dragon Quest games. That’s insane, though not as insane as the lack of a worldwide release for this MMO.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit frustrating to install on your PC but the fans did release a handy guide to make things work. It might take a while but fans who have always wanted to play this game can finally do so, which is what so many fans want.

Believe it or not, Square Enix has actually released Dragon Quest 10 on a bunch of consoles already, though they’re only playable in Japan. Even Nintendo systems like the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS have versions of the game, which sounds insane. That just goes to show how popular this franchise is in Japan.

Hopes were high when an offline version of the game was announced, which should have been an easy port for everyone to enjoy. Sadly, that’s not the case, and fans around the world are still waiting for an English port of this offline remake of an online game.

What makes this weirder is that Square Enix is more than eager to release spin-off games for the Switch. Dragon Quest Treasures was released not too long ago and we’re also getting a new Dragon Quest Monsters game soon. The fact that an offline version of Dragon Quest 10 keeps getting ignored is almost infuriating.

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No release date for the offline version of Dragon Quest 10 has been announced but we now have an online translation to make things better. Fans should pick up Dragon Quest 11 if they want a classic JRPG to play since that game is excellent.

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