Dough fights back as new 4K 240Hz OLED is dubbed a ‘scam’

Dough Spectrum 32-inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor on a flaming background

Dough Spectrum 32-inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor on a flaming background

Gaming monitor brand Dough, previously known as EVE, has pushed back against the community after its latest product was immediately dubbed a scam. After huge delays in delivering previous products, the new Spectrum Black 32-inch 4K 240Hz OLED gaming monitor has been hit with massive skepticism.

In a post on a subreddit dedicated to the hardware company, fans believed that the company’s latest product announcement was a scam. The post looked at the HTML code powering the product’s web page, which appears to use a random number generator to list how many fans have signed up to the new monitor’s waitlist.

However, in a statement to Stealth Optional, Dough claims that the new Spectrum Black monitor isn’t a scam at all, and that the website’s waitlist number has been massively overblown.

“The issue was that we couldn’t connect the counter to our subscriber list live so we have to do it manually,” Dough told us. “We’re updating numbers once a day and then having it increase since the counter is live only for a week.”

Dough claimed that the number of subscribers to their newsletter is “around 150,000”. The company also claimed that “14,000 people signed up just from our exciting newsletter and then [the] rest came from the announcement.”

Dough Spectrum 32-inch 4K OLED Gaming Monitor on a flaming background
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Dough told Stealth Optional that the company plans to remove the counter and sign up page in a few days. While the company claims the current counter does “illustrate the amount of people signed up for the launch”, it’s currently “not accurate… due to technical implementations”.

With so many forum posts calling the new product a launch, Dough claims that it’s not attempting to be nefarious.

“The issue is that now since our long-time hater is talking about it on Reddit, the moment we remove it he will say that we are trying to hide our ‘lie’, " they said. “If we wanted to be deceptive we would use the whole 150,000 people as people signed up to the launch.

The Dough Spectrum Black 32-inch is currently scheduled to launch in April 2024 at an RRP of $699 for early backers and $1,299 for everyone else.

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