New Doom-inspired shooter coming out for legendary failed console 3DO

Doom-inspired shooter coming out for 3DO - shooting at a rat with green eyes

Doom-inspired shooter coming out for 3DO - shooting at a rat with green eyes

All the other consoles are just mere toys, so a famous commercial for 3DO would insult the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. But it was actually the 3DO that would fail and burn spectacularly. Still, that doesn't mean it isn't possible to play new games on it. One example is BioFury, a new shooter by homebrew developer Retro Love Letter and publisher World Of Games.

The new shooter will feature twelve different levels, many weapons to blast those enemies away, plus the classic story being related through scattered notes and diary entries that you will find lying around.

As for inspirations for their new FPS, well, they seem to be pretty obvious, right? Right from the look of the game, down to the "classic" portrait at the centre of the UI reacting to damage, they are clearly going for the Wolfenstein / Doom flavour of the early 90s.

BioFury is already available to pre-order, in two different flavours. One is a jewel case with disc art, which is the classic NTSC version of the game. But, for real 3DO fans, there is also something more: a limited physical 3DO box. This is being designed to exactly replicate the classic releases for the console, and it also includes a poster with cover art/level maps, a keychain, and a 3DO tribute ad.

The standard version will run you about 30 dollars, while the limited physical edition will be around $49.99. If this sounds like your kind of retro shooter jam, or boomer shooter if you will, then go ahead and pre-order here. The developers confirm that the physical releases will ship in late January 2024.

But if you're simply interested in playing the game and don't want any more clutter around your house, we have good news. On GitHub, you will find a free digital release of BioFury in ISO form, so you can just burn it on a disc and play. Isn't that a very nice thing for your ailing finances?

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