Doom Gaiden mod brings brilliant hack-and-slash combat to id’s classic FPS

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden wearing a classic Doom helmet on top of screenshots of Doom Gaiden mod

Following the 30th anniversary of id Software’s industry-changing FPS game Doom, one fan is turning the title into a hack-and-slash game inspired by Ninja Gaiden. As you’d expect, the mod is called Doom Gaiden.

Revealed on Twitter by modder Edy Pagaza, a slice of the Doom Gaiden mod shows a brilliant gun-fu style combat system slapped on top of the classic E1M1 opening mission, albeit with even more enemies to rip and tear through.

In one short 1 minute and 31 second teaser video, Edy Pagaza’s Doom Gaiden mod already blows minds. With a third-person perspective and multiple weapons, the mod allows for some super slick hack-and-slash combat. It truly feels like Ninja Gaiden has entered the realm of Doom.

However, Doom Gaiden isn’t just swords and glaives, although there are a number of melee weapons with their own combos shown in the video. Alongside this, there’s also ranged weapons to deal with those pesky demons perched upon ledges, allowing you to blast them with a number of different guns.

Essentially, this Doom mod turns the game into a demonic version of The Raid as guns and swords are mixed together to gloriously gory results. Unfortunately, it seems that the enemies don’t currently have a way of blocking or parrying the barrage of attacks, but their ranged fire should be more than enough on higher difficulties.

Over the past 30 years, Doom has been one of — if not the — most modded games of all time. Thousands upon thousands of mods exist for the brilliant retro FPS game, but talented creators are still making mind blowing alterations to the title after three decades. From the gloriously gory mod Brutal Doom to the VR port from the same devs behind the Jedi Outcast VR port to this, Doom modding will seemingly never get old.

Doom Gaiden is scheduled to release in the next week to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary. While we’ve yet to play it, it looks like a brilliant celebration of the game.

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