Don’t let Redfall crush your Dishonored 3 excitement

dont let redfall crush your dishonored 3 excitement
Credit: Arkane Studios

dont let redfall crush your dishonored 3 excitement
Credit: Arkane Studios

The recent Microsoft leaks have revealed titles like Dishonored 3 are currently being produced, but some fans aren’t excited about it. Apparently, gamers are still upset over the shoddy work Arkane Austin did with Redfall when that shouldn’t be the case.

When news on the third game’s leak hit the Dishonored subreddit, some fans were less than enthusiastic about the news. Despite some fans showing excitement over the new entry, others are still hurt about Redfall and, in some cases, Deathloop.

“I don't even know how to feel about this... I guess I am glad it's in development, even if at the early stages. No expectations though,” D1n0- said on the subreddit.

“I'm guessing this is what they started after redfall crashed and burned,” chimed in sean_saves_the_world.

Hopes aren’t high for Dishonored 3 and though fans should remain cautious, that doesn’t mean they should be completely hopeless. Redfall was a terrible game, sure, but it was developed by Arkane Austin and not the Dishonored team, who are in Arkane Lyon.

Even with some fans not liking Deathloop, most will agree that it was a solid game in its own right and used some of Dishonored’s mechanics really well. While some weren’t a fan of the Edge of Tomorrow-style gimmick of dying and starting all over again, it still reviewed decently and is, at least, structurally sound.

The first two Dishonored titles were acclaimed, with many enjoying the variety of ways to complete missions. While both games focused on stealth, the various magical abilities players had made for a lot of replayability. Due to their quality, it’s easy to see why fans were so bummed out by Redfall, even if it wasn’t the exact same dev team.

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Based on the leak, Dishonored 3 is expected to come out on Xbox Series and PC sometime in 2026.

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