Don't expect Soulframe, the fantasty MMO from Warframe devs, any time soon

Character pulling up a sword in Soulframe reveal trailer
Credit: Digital Extremes

Character pulling up a sword in Soulframe reveal trailer
Credit: Digital Extremes


  • Soulframe is the upcoming fantasy action MMORPG from Digital Extremes, the developer behind Warframe
  • Despite announcing the game two years ago, the Creative Director suggests that Soulframe is in “pre-pre-pre-pre alpha”
  • The team plans to bring the founders program for the game to more players, with an aggressive invite schedule for testers too

There's a lot of hype around Digital Extremes' upcoming MMO, Soulframe. Despite sharing a developer and a similar name, Soulframe isn't linked to the massive Warframe, but fans are desperate to play the game. Unfortunately, if you've been waiting for more news, you may have to wait a while before playing Soulframe.

In a recent interview with MMORPG, various members of the Digital Extremes team discussed Warframe, including the upcoming 1999 update, as well as the anticipated Soulframe MMO. While there's some good news regarding Digital Extremes' upcoming title, you may want to start saving for the best graphics cards, as it could be some time before you can play it.

Speaking to MMORPG, Geoff Crookes, the Creative Director of Soulframe, stated that the game is in a "pre-pre-pre-pre alpha build". On the plus side, at least the game is in a somewhat playable state, as opposed to being in a conceptual stage still. However, that does mean we'll likely have to wait a decent chunk of time before it's ready for launch.

Fortunately, it's not all disappointing news. Crookes suggests to the MMORPG team that Soulframe will have an aggressive invite schedule, which will open the opportunity up to excited testers. There's no concrete information on when, or how many, invites will be sent out. But the Creative Director suggests for potential players to sign up via the Soulframe website and to join the official Discord.

It also seems that Soulframe is handling the founders program a lot differently compared to Warframe's launch. Crookes stated that "What we're hoping for is to have some kind of info (later this year about Soulframe) on what Warframe had, which was its founders program back in the day. We're in a different situation now as a studio. The founders program back then, it was almost like a Kickstarter."

Continuing with the above statement, Crookes says "We're definitely looking at a way to be more inclusive in that, with the wide release we just let people opt in if they want to, whereas with the founders you kind of had to buy in to get access."

It may be a while before we can dive into the fantasy world of Soulframe, but that gives us plenty of time to save up for the best gaming monitor so we can truly enjoy the experience.

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